Developing self-awareness is key in developing personal wellness. We must be honest with ourselves, open to knowing we might not like what we learn about ourselves, take personal responsibility, and be ready to make some changes. How often in a day are you objective and can see a situation from more than just your side? … Continue reading Self-awareness.

Morning positivity.

Re-posting this to think of some morning positivity after the weekend!


Mornings are a great chance to begin the day with a positive mindset and reset any negativity from the day before. We often think if we wake up and tell ourselves everything bad we think about our bodies or feel bad about what we did the day before, this will give us the motivation to be better today…

“I hate the way I look, I will never lose weight, I messed up my weekend, I hate myself for eating too much yesterday, and on and on… today is going to be a better day. I’ll be on track today.”

The problem is, when life sets in and stress overwhelms, you will treat yourself with the disrespect you spoke to yourself with that morning.

Take a few minutes every morning to engage in positive thought…

“I know I wasn’t on track yesterday, but today is going to be a good…

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Make Sundays Count!

Time for Sunday meal prep!


Sunday is a great day to re-center and plan for the week ahead. Whether you were on track all weekend, or found yourself over-indulging, Sunday is a great day to start anew! Take some time to relax, and create the positive mental space to be kind to yourself, and refresh your thought processes toward compassion and wellness.

I love to meal prep on Sundays. I typically have the whole day to find time with family, get in a workout, and plan for the week. Although I like to food prep, it can be time consuming, so I have worked hard to perfect simple, easy meals I can grab-and-go for the week. Meal choices combine servings of protein, carb, fat, and a vegetable.

For ease, I bake chicken from frozen (just put on a plan with some lemon juice, salt, and pepper and bake!), broccoli from frozen (drizzle with…

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Romantic Relationships.


Valentine’s Day was yesterday, often a time when we are certain to pay attention to our partners in life. A day to be more thoughtful, plan a date, spend some quality time, relax, and just enjoy each other – hopefully! This is terrific, but it should not just come around once a year or for special occasions. Daily and weekly positive communication, thoughtfulness, compliments, time together, dates, etc. are hugely important to relationship health. And the health of your relationship is hugely important to your personal health!

Here are some tips from Experience Life magazine on The 6 Best Gifts you can Give your Partner. These are non-tangible gifts, but gifts of time, communication, thought, appreciation, etc… the most important kind of gifts!

Consider the health of your relationship and how this may be impacting your own wellbeing and living the life you want. Take the initiative…

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