“I don’t have any support.”

"I don’t have any support from loved ones" is something I often hear when people believe they cannot meet their goals, or find themselves having a hard time with their goal. And unfortunately, they may be right, they may not have good support. Some people have a hard time asking for support, or communicating needs to someone who could be supportive, … Continue reading “I don’t have any support.”

The people you surround yourself with.

The people we surround ourselves with can impact our happiness and wellbeing. People with high negativity can rub off and make you more negative, increasing your own levels of stress and disease. Negativity attracts negativity. Positivity attracts positivity. If you allow negative people to influence you, you will turn out to be like them. Consider … Continue reading The people you surround yourself with.

Develop a supportive support network.

Not everyone can be supportive or helpful with every situation. Some people will actually be the opposite of supportive and make your feel worse. These same people may be the best person to go to for support in a different situation. For example, even though you may love your mom and get along very well, … Continue reading Develop a supportive support network.


In several posts thus far I have talked about kindness, being kind to yourself and to others. Spending your day holding onto anger, whether toward yourself or someone else, truly wreaks havoc on your mood, thoughts, and behaviors. When you go about the day angry, it is you who suffers more than anyone else. Yes, … Continue reading Compassion.