Squat challenge.

Try this squat challenge from Health magazine! Choose a specific time and consider pairing it with another daily activity. For example, 15 squats before you shower or before you eat lunch or right when you wake up! 15 squats is too easy not to do! I started the challenge this week and thus far am … Continue reading Squat challenge.

Make movement a habit.

Even when you get in regular exercise, it can be shocking to think of how sedentary you are overall. Moving more has physical and psychological health benefits, and will likely get you to your weight loss goal sooner! If you are exercising consistently and not noticing results, it may be due to not moving enough … Continue reading Make movement a habit.

Grateful to exercise.

It can be hard to feel grateful for exercise, because people do not always love exercise! I challenge you this mid-week day to consider thinking of exercise as something to be grateful for! Remind yourself how fortunate you are to have the ability to exercise. Think of that friend or loved one battling illness, a … Continue reading Grateful to exercise.