I absolutely attribute my weight loss, my shape, and my improvements with body image to weight lifting. Everyone can benefit from some level of strength training, whether heavy or light lifting, strength yoga, bodyweight exercises, etc. Here are some reasons why weight lifting it so beneficial from Men's Health...

Declutter for weight loss.

Keeping clutter in your life can be emotionally and physically draining. This can be in your physical space, or a cluttered to-do list that never seems to get done. When you come home to a house that is messy, cluttered, or you know needs cleaning, it is exhausting. It drains energy and leaves you unmotivated for other … Continue reading Declutter for weight loss.

Romantic Relationships.

Valentine's Day was yesterday, often a time when we are certain to pay attention to our partners in life. A day to be more thoughtful, plan a date, spend some quality time, relax, and just enjoy each other - hopefully! This is terrific, but it should not just come around once a year or for … Continue reading Romantic Relationships.