Body positive inspiration.

I love this picture because it is beautiful! And, I love the message Winnie Harlow is sending about loving yourself and your beauty for you, not based on what anyone else may think. There is nothing sexier and more beautiful than self-confidence! Find some inspiration in her post!

Personal time.

I love this inspirational interview by Jennifer Aniston from She is a personal inspiration of mine, so love the read for that reason! The article provides an important lesson about self-care and "me time." I like her statement that even if she doesn't understand why it works, it just works! Read on for inspiration and then … Continue reading Personal time.

Amazing weight loss inspiration… from home!

Check out this amazing weight loss story! A truly inspirational story of the ability to lose weight at any size and without going to the gym! I also love the truth in taking small steps and keeping with it. Every day we make healthy choices is another day toward meeting our goals, and sticking with … Continue reading Amazing weight loss inspiration… from home!