Quotes to inspire.

Check out these 20 motivating quotes put together by Women's Day. I keep quotes randomly popping on my phone, in my office, car, and at home to keep me motivated throughout the day and week! This has been a large part of my success... I recommend you try the same... https://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/womens-health/g3209/best-weight-loss-motivation/

Couple transformations.

Getting together with a partner, especially a romantic partner, can help immensely with motivation and with boosting the relationship! Check out these amazing couple transformations put together by boredpanda. Share them with your partner, family member, or friend to see if you can motivate each other! https://www.boredpanda.com/couple-weight-loss-success-stories/

Get your sexy back.

If you are looking for some motivation check out “Bringing Sexy Back” on Netflix! The success stories are encouraging and emotional. I love that they work with these individuals in their own homes with what they have available. Success stories are a great way to instill motivation and boost yourself with more positive thoughts of … Continue reading Get your sexy back.