The power of possibility.

The world is full of possibilities, yet we often are bogged down in our routine, fear of change, overwhelm, personal putdowns, and an “I can’t” attitude. The “I can’t” attitude is one to be changed immediately… when you find yourself saying “I can’t” it is a signal to challenge yourself to think of why or … Continue reading The power of possibility.

Embrace boredom.

It is a skill in life to learn to be okay with boredom, something many of us do not do well, particularly in the era of technology. In my own home, I hear complaints of boredom any time electronics are removed from the equation for too long! I see this repeatedly with both adults and … Continue reading Embrace boredom.

Recognize your inner critic.

In Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves, Amy Ahlers is absolutely correct when she states “the most important relationship is your relationship with you.” She is also correct in saying “most of us are not doing so hot… we are incredibly, intensely hard on ourselves.” Of the tens of thousands of thoughts we think in … Continue reading Recognize your inner critic.

Developing your assertiveness.

It can be difficult for people to understand their rights, thoughts, feelings, needs and desires... and then set these limits with other people without “feeling bad” about having these needs. People trying to lose weight often struggle with being assertive about their new lifestyle. In order to develop your assertiveness, you must learn to value … Continue reading Developing your assertiveness.

Progress pics.

I strongly recommend everyone take progress pics! It is motivating to take a picture every month and see your progress... and more important than a number on the scale. Especially when adding strength, monitoring your progress in other ways than the scale is highly important. When I first started weight lifting, I lost no weight … Continue reading Progress pics.