Psych yourself up.

Whether to get started or keep going through a workout, sticking to a meal plan, or getting ready for the week ahead, mindset plays a huge role in how much energy we have to help us through. A negative mindset can zap energy, whereas a positive mindset has the power to create it. I believe … Continue reading Psych yourself up.

Build resilience.

Resilience is highly important to getting through life with emotional and physical wellness. If we let every unfortunate incident or stressor bog us down, we would never be able to fully function. Negative emotion would take over and essentially debilitate us. Here are some tips from Psychology Today on how to build resilience. Boosting your … Continue reading Build resilience.

Coping thoughts.

Often when we think of coping, we think of behaviors we can engage in (positive or negative) to get past the intense emotion or situation. Coping thoughts are also important tools to get through difficult times and difficult emotions. When a stressful situation occurs, our body heightens with arousal, and our thoughts can become negative … Continue reading Coping thoughts.

Stop mental time travel.

Check out these tips from¬†¬†for bringing your mind into more present awareness. Using a cue to remind you to be present is a great tip. Attaching personal cues to any behavior you want to begin or change is helpful! Finding yourself in the present more than worrying about the past or future can help develop … Continue reading Stop mental time travel.

Focus on gratitude.

We easily take multiple things for granted every day. Sometimes it takes an earth shattering, negative event for us to be more grateful and see there is so much to be grateful for. Changing toward a more grateful perspective (before the life-shattering event) can have an immensely positive effect on the way you feel, physically … Continue reading Focus on gratitude.