Evaluate your relationships.

This week is Valentine’s Day, a time where relationships are certainly on the mind. Here is an old post related to evaluating those relationships…


Part of being healthy ourselves, is to consider whether the people we surround ourselves with are healthy for us. This could include a romantic relationship, friendship, co-worker, family member, neighbor, etc. The idea of changing, or especially ending, certain relationships can appear impossible, though continued negative feelings about the relationship is a sign something needs to change. It is healthy, admirable, and self-respecting to set boundaries in relationships. If a relationship is continually dragging you down, making a change could have a large positive effect for your overall wellbeing. Freeing up the stress from such a relationship may provide the room to better go after your goals.

Consider these:

    • What is the main emotion you experience with this person? Are you happy most of the time? Or does some other emotion take up the majority of your time in this relationship?
    • Are you spending time thinking of how…

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Weekend eating.

The weekend is here…


Weekends can be the hardest time to stay on track. Some things to consider if you are frequently overeating on the weekend…

  • All or nothing thinking: a mentality that does not allow for moderation in your diet only makes it more likely you will eventually overconsume. Find ways to allow moderation into your weekly diet… consider satisfying small treats throughout the week or build in a treat meal here and there. More on this here.
  • Banking calories for the weekend: metabolism depends on consistency. I strongly recommend eating small meals every 3-4 hours (or every 2-3 hours). Even when you have a treat meal, or get off track completely, do not skip your next meal. Just get back on track and keep going! This mentality is what will keep you on track for the long-term, and the consistency with eating will keep your body running efficiently.More on this here.
  • Burn…

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Get your sexy back.

If you are looking for some motivation check out “Bringing Sexy Back” on Netflix! The success stories are encouraging and emotional. I love that they work with these individuals in their own homes with what they have available. Success stories are a great way to instill motivation and boost yourself with more positive thoughts of … Continue reading Get your sexy back.

Boost yourself.

Many of us have a tendency toward very negative self-talk. It takes effort and practice to move to a more positive way of engaging with ourselves. The Super Bowl was this past weekend, a time where many overindulge. Weekends in general, happy hours during the week, lunches with co-workers, bites off the kids plates, mid-week … Continue reading Boost yourself.