Action steps.

Now that you've thought about your goals and ordered them according to importance, it's time to consider what actions will get you there. Consider small actions so easy there is no excuse not to do them. I often hear people complain that small is not enough, or "nothing works," though I guarantee these individuals did … Continue reading Action steps.

Use phone is a tool to stay on track.

Here is an article from mindbodygreen with tips on using your phone to help keep you moving toward your goals. I personally do my best when I have a reminder of my goal as my wallpaper and lock screen. I also regularly set motivational reminders in my calendar that pop up throughout the day. Any one bad moment … Continue reading Use phone is a tool to stay on track.

Keep up with goals on the weekend.

Here is a previous post to get your motivation up for the weekend! Try to think of weekends as a time to re-center, re-plan, and re- energize rather than get completely off track! Even if you go out more and eat a bit less healthy, try to get in some planning and extra movement!


Rather than make weekends a time to let go of all goals and have a break from your healthy ambitions, make the weekend the no-excuse time to get in a workout and plan for wellness! You likely have somewhat more downtime on the weekend, less work (hopefully), and it should be easier to plan for a workout and healthy meals.

Weekends are the perfect time to…

  • Pre-plan for the week ahead.
  • Address your stress level as you have a bit more down time.
  • Ponder the previous week and think about what you want to do differently next week.
  • Consider your stress and what you didn’t like about the week, and make a priority list for the upcoming week.
  • Consider your goals and whether you are on track.
  • Pay attention to your moods a bit more, during the weekend and think back over the week – think about what may…

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Get **it together.

If you're looking for some good motivation and self-help toward getting things together this year - and don't mind some profanity in the process! - check out get your SH*T together by Sarah Knight... This book provides tools and motivation to get things together in all areas of life. I cannot stress enough that weight … Continue reading Get **it together.


Yesterday I asked you to consider which are the areas most important to work on right now for your own personal wellness. Check out this article from about Warren Buffett's 5-Step Process for Prioritizing True Success. With his level of success, I think his advice is worth considering! h