FitPsychology is a compilation of information related to the psychology of weight loss. The weight loss journey is difficult, and strife with psychological challenges. Truly being successful means going about the weight loss journey in a new way, with increased personal awareness, letting go of excuses, persevering through all of life’s obstacles, and gaining a more complete personal wellness along the way. I will regularly post information learned through my own practice, education, research, and ongoing training, as well as wellness information from various sources, and my own personal weight loss success. I hope this site can help you on your journey!

A bit about me… I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, practicing fulltime, with a portion of my practice dedicated to weight management. I provide individual and group therapy and consultation for weight management. I conduct regular talks in various areas related to the psychology of weight loss and weight management. Much of my research, education, and ongoing training is related to the psychology of fitness, wellness, and weight management. I am passionate about this area, a believer in personal change toward a healthier lifestyle, and continually read and explore information related to helping individuals achieve success in meeting these healthy living goals. I personally have lost and kept off more than 80 pounds, through trial and error, learning to understand my mind and body, enduring great personal and career challenges, and learning better self-care and self-compassion.* Let me help you achieve the same success in both mind and body!*

*The results described are not guaranteed for everyone and will vary based on a variety of factors. See more detailed disclaimer here.