Dealing with injury.

One of the best things I did for myself, and really one of the major turning points in going from a person who yo-yoed to actually losing and keeping weight off, was calmly and patiently working through an injury. When I decided this was the time, I quickly injured my knee only running 1 slow minute. Old me would have given up immediately, told myself I’ll wait until it heals, and told myself there was nothing I could do.

I think for me it was two kiddos with major medical needs and the stress and depression that came with it- this time it had to be different! I saw the doctor, got a brace, started physical therapy, and did the exercises diligently. I broke out the old Buns of Steel VHS for some non-weight bearing leg exercise, kept up with light upper body exercises, and remained steady!

I lost weight through my injury! It is pushing through that injury in a healthy way that helped me create steady habits, with slow goals in mind, and has helped me stay successful long-term.

Here are some more tips for working through injury from Breaking Muscle

Stick with it – even if it feels like very small steps!

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