Mood boosting with activity.

It can be very hard to be active when we feel low emotionally or low energy in general. But… activity is typically just what we need in those moments to boost mood and energy!

Here is a portion of an article from Psychology Today with tips for behavioral activation when you are low on mood and/or energy. Starting small is key, and will reinforce good feelings, good energy, and more positive behavior!

  1. Start with easier activities. If your goal is to get back to running 3 miles, you might start by walking a mile with occasional spurts of jogging.
  2. Break each activity into manageable chunks. Maybe “clean the garage” is too daunting a task. You might start with a more specific task in the garage, like “Throw away old garden supplies from last year.” 
  3. Plan activities that are enjoyable and/or important. It’s hard enough to motivate ourselves to do things we value, so make sure the activities you plan bring you some kind of reward.
  4. Plan a specific time for each activity. Picking a time to do an activity and putting that time in our calendar raises the odds that we’ll complete it.
  5. Build in accountability for your planned activities. When someone else knows our plan—or is even counting on us—we’re more likely to follow through. For example, knowing a workout partner will be waiting for us at the gym can provide extra incentive to exercise.

See the full article here…

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