Last minute morning.

Weekends can be busy and rushed, to the point of not finding that down time to plan for the week. I personally had good intentions to meal prep for the week, but time and energy got away from me. Knowing this, I quick hard boiled eggs in my Instant Pot last night. I had spinach so quick threw in a container spinach, feta, blueberries, sliced almonds, and a side container of dressing. This took me no time at all! This morning I peeled two eggs and put in a ziplock, grabbed some cashews and fruit, and off I went!

Part of learning to be healthy is planning for when you don’t plan. Without flexibility and even some creativity, I wouldn’t have been successful with finally losing the weight and keeping it off.

When you didn’t prepare for your day, take just a few minutes on the way out the door to grab anything easy- fruit, yogurt, dry cereal (I’ve just grabbed a whole box and brought it with me!), salad even if it’s just greens, dry fruit, nuts, meat on bread, peanut butter, just bread, veggies, etc. If you don’t have time to pack it or slice it, throw it all in a bag or cooler, bring a knife, and throw in a plate. You don’t have to be perfect every day, with planning or with hitting all of those macronutrients. Just think as healthy and convenient as you can when you didn’t plan. To me, munching on a box of Cheerios throughout the day is better than either starving all day and binging at night or finding the really bad options in a pinch! My strategy on these days is to get myself through the day with brain power and until I can get to my next healthy meal option without being starving – or I will not choose healthy – I know myself too well!

Here are some more ideas from Women’s Health magazine…

Grab yourself something healthy this morning!

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