Mindfulness activities.

Stress is one of the main reasons we do not engage in healthy behaviors. When stress sets in, we feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and decision making becomes more difficult. When feeling led by negative emotion, negative coping choices easily follow.

Small bits of mindfulness are hugely helpful in slowing down and regaining the ability to make healthy choices, even when life feels like too much to handle. Taking the time for mindful transitions throughout the day can be useful and calming, a small reset before heading onto the next overwhelming task.

Personally, after I get the kids to school, sometimes I sit in the school parking lot and just breathe for a few moments before I head off to work, reseting my mind from mom-duty to work-duty. I do this after work as well, and often tell my kids I am having alone time for 10-15 minutes after we get home. Again, just to sit down, change my clothes, and reset before back into mom-duty! (Try not to use your phone for additional distraction during these times, actually just be!)

Each time you move from one task to the next (and it is also helpful to compartmentalize your time, working on one thing and not multi-tasking!), take a few moments to reset. Simply being mindful of your body, mind, environment, or a soothing task will do the trick!

Here are several ideas for adding small bits of mindfulness into your day from Develop Good Habits. Taking the time to add these into your day will almost certainly bring some stress relief!

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