Problem solve your energy.

I often hear from people things such as, “but I just don’t have the energy,” “I don’t have any motivation,” “I just can’t do those things like other people can,” etc. The truth is energy is made by the things we do for ourselves! Motivation and energy are not gained through sitting on the couch, they are created by forcing yourself to begin doing… anything… something small… just something! Those little things then build on each other and your energy really starts to grow!

To determine the things that zap your energy and the things that will boost your energy, you must be honest with yourself about your thoughts and behaviors. It is time to take a look at your every day life, understand the things you do that really reduce our energy, and consider which things you would be willing to add into your daily life that may increase energy!

Here is an article from WebMD to start you thinking on the things that may be decreasing your energy level and ideas to start cutting those out, or at least adding energy boosters in!

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