Binge Eating.

We are mid-week, a time when stress binge-eating can be a problem. Here is an older post with relevant tips…


People who binge-eat, eat a large amount of food in a short period of time and feel shame and guilt afterwards.

Strategies to Avoid Binging:

  • Learn your triggers: Monitor thoughts, feelings, behaviors, situations surrounding eating. Keep a log and assess for patterns.
    • Emotions? Stress? Relationships? Work? Time/schedule?
  • Address your emotions/communicateyour wants and needs.
  • Follow a regular meal plan.
    • Eat every 2-3 hours, no matter what! DO NOT SKIP MEALS
    • Do not “bank” your calories by starving yourself all day and eating the majority of food in one sitting. This will not be effective toward weight loss, is hard on your body’s metabolism, and can lead to binge eating.
    • Carry a healthy snack on you at all times so you do not go too long without eating.
  • Create and work toward other goals. Successful lifestyle change, including weight loss and maintenance, is aided by…

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