Travel nutrition.

I am traveling this weekend and spent last night meal prepping to pack a cooler for today. Here is a previous post with some tips I use for travel to stay healthy on the road!


Healthy eating during travel takes a bit more thought and effort, since fast food isn’t always the healthiest. In reality, though, it takes self-control! The stress of travel can make those healthy choices even more difficult, since eating for ease and comfort can be go-to for coping with stress. In my obese days I automatically stopped for unhealthy snacks and candy before a long distance drive, travel was an excuse to indulge!

This week I am again traveling for my child’s medical appointments. At the end of 2016 I gained 10 pounds with hospital stays and hotel stays. I had thought I had overcome those bad habits, but stress took hold and there was no stopping my bad habits! In 2017 I have been more successful, lost that 10 pounds, and am keeping it off despite continued travel and medical stress!

My strategies for nutrition on the road…

  • Healthy options…

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