Make a plan.

It is very easy to fail when we fail to plan! Not having meals planned and prepared makes it that much easier to get off track. Likewise, not having workouts planned makes it that much easier to say no to getting off the couch!

The internet is full of tips and free plans to get you started. Plug one or more of these into your search engine, pick a plan, and get going! Having something to follow will take out the thought and effort, increase ease, and limit excuses!

  • “at home workouts”
  • “no weights workout”
  • “workout plan lifting”
  • “strength plan at home”
  • “cardio workout plan”
  • “yoga workouts”
  • “free workout classes online”
  • “nutrition plans”
  • “diet plan to gain muscle”
  • “diet plan to lose weight”
  • “healthy living diet plan”
  • “weight loss meal plan”

You get the idea! Just plug something like this in and pick! I searched the ones above in just a few minutes and there was a ton of free information out there! There are also ideas in my previous posts, found under the various categories on the home page.

Here are some links to workout plans I’ve posted…

and meal plans…

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