Keep up with goals on the weekend.

Here is a previous post to get your motivation up for the weekend! Try to think of weekends as a time to re-center, re-plan, and re- energize rather than get completely off track! Even if you go out more and eat a bit less healthy, try to get in some planning and extra movement!


Rather than make weekends a time to let go of all goals and have a break from your healthy ambitions, make the weekend the no-excuse time to get in a workout and plan for wellness! You likely have somewhat more downtime on the weekend, less work (hopefully), and it should be easier to plan for a workout and healthy meals.

Weekends are the perfect time to…

  • Pre-plan for the week ahead.
  • Address your stress level as you have a bit more down time.
  • Ponder the previous week and think about what you want to do differently next week.
  • Consider your stress and what you didn’t like about the week, and make a priority list for the upcoming week.
  • Consider your goals and whether you are on track.
  • Pay attention to your moods a bit more, during the weekend and think back over the week – think about what may…

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