Revitalized for 2019!

With good intentions as 2018 started, I was unfortunately unsuccessful with keeping up these posts. In the midst of opening my own practice, adjusting to a move in residence, and just life in general, keeping up meant creating some necessary boundaries with my time and commitments. Though I have missed this blog, it is a good lesson in creating the boundaries necessary to stay healthy even when it feels difficult to give something up.

2018 was a year of keeping my head above water, adjusting to change, and creating a new rhythm so I could be the best for my patients and my family. It is interesting to think over my weight loss journey and the challenges that come with maintaining my weight loss – now for about 5 or 6 years! Every year life changes, and it is through continual planning, rethinking goals, and understanding my personal values that I have been successful – with weight management and with life! I encouraged everyone to think about personal goals beyond just weight loss/maintenance, to work toward true wellness!

Take some time to consider where you are at in the following areas. Are you satisfied with each area currently? If you could have each area the perfect way you want it, what would that look like? Write these down. Next, number them in order of most important. How much stress or peace does each area bring you? Now consider the areas you think need to change the most and use these to begin creating personal goals.

  1. Romantic relationship
  2. Family
  3. Children
  4. Friendships
  5. Finances
  6. Living arrangements
  7. Employment/School
  8. Personal growth/development
  9. Health – physical and psychological
  10. Leisure
  11. Spirituality

Actually taking the time to sit, find quiet, think, and write these down will really help you to work through them and put your mindset on a path toward feeling more capable for change.

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