Stick with your healthy habits.

It can be hard to stick with healthy habits, because the results are not always noticaeable right away. Weight loss takes time! To truly begin to notice results we need to think in terms of weeks, not days. Evaluating habits after doing them for 4 weeks will give a much better assessment of success than after a week.

Another reason I notice people giving into bad habits, or stopping healthy habits too soon, is they do not trust they will work. People feel they are eating too often or too much, for example, when beginning a healthy regimen of eating healthier, more filling foods several times a day. To this I say you must trust! Trust that by adopting these healthy habits you will experience success… and if it doesn’t work after a month, go back to your old habits! No harm done!

Here is a nice article from The New York Times this morning about how sticking to healthy habits can not only lead to weight loss, but maintain that weight loss without too much effort. If we simply stick to healthy habits, it takes the thought out of the process, and the benefits of the habits simply add up over time!

Pick one healthy habit to begin this week and work to stick with it for the month!


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