An exercise of gratitude.

Research consistently shows gratitude enhances wellbeing, which has been the point of this month’s focus on a bit of gratitude to enhance wellbeing and help you meet your goals!

Martin Seligman is the Founding Father of Positive Psychology and has done tremendous research in the area. Any of his books are worth a read. Here are a couple gratitude exercises created and research by Martin Seligman, and presented by…

Give these a try today, and each day, to enhance your wellbeing for weeks to come! If you haven’t started yet, begin thinking of making gratitude a habit of your daily or weekly life!


One thought on “An exercise of gratitude.

  1. Gratitude is great, you can do it anytime, and it works every time! It’s #7 on my list about building confidence, which is also very much focused on well-being. Thanks for the link, never heard of “Brain Pickings” before.

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