Be grateful for and toward your body.

Our bodies are so important and so incredible! They get us through the long days, carry us around, and maintain our health. The body is also a signal for when our bad habits are getting in the way of health – our physical and psychological health. It truly is so important to take the best care possible of our bodies to ensure we feel our best, have the most energy, avoid illness, and possibly live longer! It can be hard to believe the amount our body can feel and is impacted by our bad habits, but it is true. Stress, sugar, alcohol, low movement – all of it can lead to not feeling our physically best – a sign we need to make some healthy changes!

It is my recommendation you pick up some more reading for this month of being grateful… take some time to learn about taking better care of your body! This book is geared toward women, but I think has much useful information for men as well. Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book is one of the best I have read at really explaining in a way that gets you to understand, how the body works, why various foods are so good for the body, why various foods aren’t, the importance of movement, and what specifically may happen when we do not take care of our bodies. Much information about why to value and care for that amazing body! 

Check it out this weekend!


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