Stop complaining.

It can be so easy to find something to complain about, and some people are chronic complainers. If you have ever been around a chronic complainer, you know how exhausting it is! It can be difficult to notice when you yourself are the culprit of chronic complaint. Take a moment right now to really think about your general attitude and whether you are that person. Not infrequently in working with people who are uncertain why they struggle maintaining relationships, through gaining personal insight, they begin to realize just how negative and complaining they have been. This is exhausting and damaging to relationships, jobs, etc.

It is easy to think it is healthy to vent – and it is in small amounts – but regularly venting or complaining is draining to the listener. It can actually add to your own negativity, drain your energy, make you further angry, and just lead you to find even more to complain about! It is a vicious and negative cycle.

It is absolutely okay to vent here and there, and you should feel like you can vent to your loved ones. But, when you find you are complaining more often then not, it may be time to consider finding a therapist. Use a therapist to complain to/vent to for an hour, and spend your time with friends and family focusing on and doing more positive things!

Here are some tips for finding ways to complain less from tiny buddha

The less time you spend complaining in general, the more grateful you will be for your more positive attitude and increased energy – and the more grateful everyone else will be to be around you!


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