Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes it is easier to think of being grateful for a loved one on a special holiday. Somehow it forces us to remember the good and the positivity – or at least to try. Sometimes there is disappointment in the amount of effort your partner puts in, or remembering a past disappointment. But, it truly is a day just to remember to enjoy one another! Whatever the gift, no matter what cost, no matter what effort, what matters most is being good to each other throughout the year! 

Below is an article from the Power of Positivity about showing gratitude in your relationship. I took a moment to provide some ideas on how to put some of these into action as part of your Valentine’s gift to your partner and yourself – to your relationship!

Because on special days it can be easier to remember the good stuff, planning for the month, or even the year, on a special day can make a big difference in keeping the good stuff going long-term! On those days when it can be hard to find anything to be grateful for in your partner, it can help to have it pre-planned…

  • Write down several notes of gratitude, thanks, appreciation to give for the next month or year! Keep them hidden and pull them out daily or weekly. It will make your partner feel good and will also serve as a positive reminder of the good stuff you feel for him/her. Try giving one on a day you are struggling to find that gratitude!


  • Create reminders for yourself now to remember to pay attention to and praise for the little things, do something he/she usually does, plan a date, etc. Put some calendar reminders on your phone or somewhere you typically track your schedule! Do this for the next several weeks or months to remind yourself to be grateful and do grateful things!

Check out more ideas for giving gratitude in the article below. Remember that giving a heartfelt note could be the best gift you could give this Valentine’s Day! And if you want a gift, think of a small box of a favorite candy or something small you know they love (something thoughtful)… it does not have to cost much, and sometimes the things that cost the least mean the most!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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