Consider meditation.

Many people have thoughts about the term “meditation”. Some don’t buy into it, some feel they don’t have the time, some feel they never could, some feel they would never want to, etc.

This article provides a nice commentary from a few people on why they love meditation, with a message that just having some downtime is rewarding, healthy, and beneficial. While I would not consider myself a meditator, I certainly relish in my quiet time, time for me, and self-care time. Call it anything you want, some quiet in my day where I can relax my mind certainly goes a long way! I suggest you give it a try!

Check out this article for more inspiration to give meditation a try!

Creating some quiet space may give you the time to work on more positivity and gratitude!


2 thoughts on “Consider meditation.

  1. Meditation has been an absolute game changer for me over the last 6 months or so. I’ve never felt better since making it a habit. It definitely doesn’t need to be ‘woo woo’… It can just be practical. And the empirical evidence backing up it’s efficacy seems pretty legitimate.

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