Budget meals.

It is easy to be negative about weight loss and healthy living with all of the costly promotions out there for foods, weight loss products, supplements, etc. I frequently hear complaints of the cost of weight loss being too high. The good news is it simply does not have to be that way! 

Clean and healthy eating can absolutely be achieved on a budget! I lost all of my weight eating as cheaply as possible, and became very good at finding yummy ways to do just that! Just think of it, a perfectly healthy clean meal is a protein, carb, and veggie cooked in a healthy fat. Frozen chicken breasts, frozen veggies, pot of rice, olive oil, some spice… several meals for cheap!

Here are some of my previous posts on budget friendly meals, meal plans, and meal ideas to get you thinking of your meal plan for the week ahead! Take some time this weekend to plan out some healthy options, create some time, and prep some meals! You will be incredibly grateful for the ease of healthy meals during the week with some pre-planning and pre-prepping! And, you will be grateful for your grocery bill when you plan cheap meals for the week!

Check out these previous posts for ideas…

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And I am forever grateful for Tosca Reno and her Clean Eating books, as this is what truly worked for me. Her books have helped me learn about clean eating, learn to treat my body better, and lose a ton of weight! I still refer back to these books, her website, and clean eating in general. Check out this previous post for more…

Nutrition that worked for me.

Happy Friday! Think of something you are grateful for right now and set yourself up for a positive mindset and a great weekend!


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