Grateful to exercise.

It can be hard to feel grateful for exercise, because people do not always love exercise! I challenge you this mid-week day to consider thinking of exercise as something to be grateful for! Remind yourself how fortunate you are to have the ability to exercise. Think of that friend or loved one battling illness, a broken limb, a missing limb, inability to walk, or even just a bad cold this week (like me!). I just know I will be so much more grateful for the ability to exercise once I can beat this cold!

Work to be grateful to find the time, grateful you have legs, grateful you have arms if you don’t have legs, grateful for the internet to find all sorts of exercise ideas to get around any injury you may have. Think out of the box in terms of what you can do, even when you think you have something making it impossible to exercise right now. I bet there is something you can do to find the time or the type of exercise that will work for you! Be kind to yourself, find what works, and take it slow and steady if you need!

Be grateful just to have a body, as there are many, many things you can do to exercise that body for free… using nothing more than just that wonderful body! Again, be grateful for that internet to teach you!

Here is a great, efficient, no excuse week-long exercise routine from Men’s Fitness to prove you can get a great workout with just your body! No weights, no gym, little space, and little time!

Try to do something to move today! Do 10 squats right now!! Every little bit counts, adds up to more movement as a habit, and creates many psychological and physical health benefits!

Happy Wednesday! Grateful the week is halfway through!


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