When life gets busy it can be hard to take time for ourselves. In fact, many of us have a drive inside to do for others at cost to ourselves, or else a guilty feeling spreads over. The truth is, unless we take care of ourselves first, we are never as good to the others we are trying to help/please/take care of.

This life you are living is an important one, and it is yours! It is not worth living according to the standards others may expect, or the high standards you put on yourself to live up to some ideal you have created. The best example we can give to our children, loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, etc. is to practice personal wellness and self-care. Show others that you live in a way that takes care of you, which may encourage them to do the same. 

We often live as if everything in life is an emergency, and as if there is simply no down time – as if nothing can wait. I tell you… most things in life are not an emergency! Consider doing less, take on less commitments, commit your kids to less. Decide you will only socialize one night per week, decide you will not do any house work one day a week… whatever is that thing you so urgently feel you can never let go – practice letting it go periodically. Then practice doing the same for your loved one, because often we don’t realize that those things we feel are so emergent we are pushing on them as well. This is hurting, rather than nurturing, those relationships.

So, be grateful for this life, and act in a way that is grateful. Take the time to be proud of yourself, reward yourself, and enjoy yourself! Spend your time with those things that fill you up, and help you move closer to your personal goals and values.

Here is an article from mindbodygreen for some ideas on ways to show yourself some gratitude!

Happy Monday! Find something to be grateful of this morning!


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