Weekend gratitude.

With how hectic life can be during the week, you may find yourself saying “I am so thankful it is the weekend!” But as the weekend moves by, you may find yourself complaining it wasn’t long enough, complaining you had too many obligations, complaining you wasted the weekend, and on and on. By Sunday you may find yourself feeling negative, dreading Monday, and wishing you had more time or had done more when you had the time!

I hear some variation of this from friends, family, patients, etc. often. We frequently misuse our time, let it pass us by, and end up feeling guilty or angry at ourselves or those things in the end. I am not immune to this and find myself saying something of the same variety often! The problem with this attitude is we stop being grateful for the time we do have.

I challenge you this weekend to work to make good use of your time… and find some time for yourself and those other things that are truly important to you. If you have the time today – or this weekend – take some time to consider your values (get some help by clicking on the link to a previous post on Values). Write them down – it is an added step to solidify the importance in your mind and help you remember!

Once we understand our values, we can better plan for what is important and how we would actually like to spend our time. Even though it can feel like you do not have any time, you do! You are spending time reading this right now, and that is something to be grateful for!! Challenge yourself to spend 5-10 extra minutes, if that is all you can find, to at least one of your highest value areas this weekend. More likely than not you will feel at least a bit more energized, happier, satisfied, and proud of yourself!

Remind yourself to be grateful that you found the time, no matter how small. If you are busy, consider being grateful that you are busy and have so many wonderful things to fill your days! (and if they are not wonderful we will tackle the prospect of changing those things in a future post) 🙂

Happy Weekend!



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