Weekend eating.

Weekends can be the hardest time to stay on track. Some things to consider if you are frequently overeating on the weekend…

  • All or nothing thinking: a mentality that does not allow for moderation in your diet only makes it more likely you will eventually overconsume. Find ways to allow moderation into your weekly diet… consider satisfying small treats throughout the week or build in a treat meal here and there. More on this here.
  • Banking calories for the weekend: metabolism depends on consistency. I strongly recommend eating small meals every 3-4 hours (or every 2-3 hours). Even when you have a treat meal, or get off track completely, do not skip your next meal. Just get back on track and keep going! This mentality is what will keep you on track for the long-term, and the consistency with eating will keep your body running efficiently. More on this here.
  • Burn calories/eat calories: It is easy to think you “deserve” to get off track after doing well all week or after an extra long weekend workout. While the extra calorie burn from a longer workout can help, you will negate your efforts if you repeatedly then overconsume. Our workouts simply do not burn enough to make up for rampant overeating!
  • I deserve this: While you deserve to pamper yourself for all of this hard work, frequently treating yourself with food rewards will only serve to ruin all that effort! Find other non-food rewards for all of that hard work. Check out some ideas here.
  • Coping: During the week it can be easier to stay on track because you are busy with work and the demands of life. Although the lure of the weekend can be a welcome break from a hectic week, weekends can be difficult to cope with. Whether this is stressful time with family, travel, loneliness, boredom, etc… you may be at more risk for negative coping with food. More on this here.
  • You don’t spend time thinking. In order to be successful with reaching any goal, you must continually think about where you are at, what you need to do to meet that goal, what is getting in the way, and how to keep at it. Taking a small amount of time to think about ourselves and our lives each day is immensely powerful in gaining self-understanding, which will lead to improvement in wellness and make it more likely you will learn how to keep up with your desires. This process is not easy… it takes ongoing mental work to learn yourself and what you need to stay on track! More on this here and here.

Do not be too hard on yourself, find ways to enjoy the weekend, but do so with moderation and without ruining all of your efforts from the week!

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