Weight loss psychology.

Many of us know well all of the tools for losing weight. There are multiple sources, both free and fee based, to learn all about nutrition and exercise for weight loss. No matter how much we read about diet and exercise, no matter how much money we spend on the various sources for weight loss, lasting change will not be attained without a change in our psychology.

That is the main purpose I created this site, to provide information related to the psychology of weight loss in one place. A place to come and learn more about how psychology plays a role in weight loss, hopefully making you more successful in reaching and maintaining your goals. You have seen me post much on stress and mindfulness, self-care, coping skills, positivity, etc… all vastly important to the weight loss/maintenance process!

Here is an article from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating further explaining the importance of changing your psychology to be successful with weight loss!


Remember, changing your psychology will make you feel so much better, content, and happier overall… and a natural byproduct of this sort of wellbeing can be weight loss!


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