When you cannot sleep…

Sleep is incredibly important to health, but sometimes it feels impossible to come by. I personally know life is overwhelming and my stress is high when I am not sleeping well – this tells me something needs to change.

Lee Crutchley created a neat book titled The Nocturnal Journal as a “late night exploration of what’s really on your mind.” Although he says this is less a book to help you sleep and more a book for something to do when you cannot sleep, this type of self-exploration and working through what is on your mind truly may help you sleep better over time. When something in your life is not right, like sleep, it is essential to self-evaluate and attempt to understand why this is and begin to consider how to change it.

Crutchley talks about the pace of today’s world making it difficult for self-connection and self-understanding. He makes a great point when he states “the days are becoming busier and busier, and this means that your worries get suppressed, your feelings stay unexplored, and your most creative ideas remain itches that you don’t have the time to scratch. All of this floods your brain the moment you try to switch off for the night.”

So, when you cannot sleep and your brain will not shut off, use this as a time to explore what is really on your mind…





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