Exercise and happiness.

If we get too caught up in the details of how much work it will take to lose weight, how many habits must be changed, this negatively affects our happiness and our confidence in the ability to make such a change. If we can change our mindset to think of the immediate positives of healthy behaviors, the weight loss simply becomes a natural byproduct. When we focus on the good feelings now, and less on how long it will take to get to some far off goal, it is possible to be so much happier in our present. Think of exercise and eating healthy for the mental health benefit, the boost in energy, and the increase in positivity, and it becomes so much more important than the weight loss itself (and remember the negative behaviors decrease these positive benefits, even if you have a balance of both). After all, what you are truly after is a change in the overall way you feel, a lifestyle adjustment… and that comes from the healthy behaviors, not just the loss of weight! 

Here is a nice little post from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project regarding happiness and healthy behaviors, from Psychology Today…


And, don’t forget to check out her book, The Happiness Project!


One thought on “Exercise and happiness.

  1. So true. I’ve always wandered what will happen if one day I wake up and suddenly I’m the weight I desire… probably nothing … because the shape of my body won’t change my state of mind.. and I will gain the weight immediately.. thank you for the inspiring post 🙂

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