Small changes, big results.

All too often, when we begin a weight loss goal, we are so motivated to lose the weight we take an all or nothing approach and do too much too fast. While the motivation is admirable and a key to success, making too many changes at once can lead to failure in the long run.

Consider making small changes and increasing the amount of change over time. This will more likely lead to lasting lifestyle change. 

Here are some ideas for smaller changes. Consider trying one this week and adding healthy change over time! 

  • Use a step counting app to monitor your typical daily movement, and strive to increase by just 500 steps each day versus beating yourself up for not hitting 10,000 plus immediately!
  • Add 10-15 minutes of walking or up and down stairs into your day, increasing just a few minutes each week until you regularly walk 30 minutes several days a week.
  • Count calories for a week as is, be honest with yourself about what you are eating. Now go back and think about where you can cut even 200 calories from a typical day. Slowly increase this cut over time until you are closer to your desired calorie count each day.
  • Strive to sit down with no distractions when eating, regardless of how healthy the food is. Teach yourself to be more mindful while you eat!
  • Eat every 2-3 hours no matter what was at the last meal. Work on consistency with eating!

Here are some more eating tips from EatingWell to make small and lasting dietary changes toward weight loss…


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