Morning workout habit.

For me, when I am in the habit of morning workouts is when I am most successful. I have learned myself over the years of this journey, and I know if I wait until the end of the day I am more likely to miss a workout than actually do it. It doesn’t mean getting up for morning workouts is easy, but it keeps me most accountable, in charge of my health, and feeling the best overall. Mid-day workouts, when I can consistently fit them into my schedule, are actually my favorite, but of course that isn’t always possible with work schedules! When I have made it work in the past, however, it is an absolute wonderful stress reliever in the middle of the work day- I recommend trying it if you can adjust your schedule! (Then also beware you can’t use the not wanting to get ready again as an excuse!)

Regardless of when you choose to exercise, think of it as creating a habit. With habits, we don’t say “should I or shouldn’t I today,” we just do! Read on for more tips to make that morning workout work for you, or consider similar ideas to create the habit at any time of day! Being prepared, as with diet, is your best chance for success!


Now off for my morning workout!


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