Weigh yourself to promote weight loss.

I am not necessarily a fan of daily weights. This is really something individual to the person. If you cannot truly believe and know that daily weight can fluctuate within a few pounds, and an increase in weight leads you to psychologically bashing yourself, then I recommend a weekly weigh in! Nonetheless, avoiding the scale all together does not keep you accountable. Even if you are afraid to see that number, you must face the scale and get honest with yourself so you can begin to tackle the weight loss. Then, weekly, daily, or at least monthly weigh-ins can provide reinforcement for all that hard work, or be a measure for knowing something needs to change.

Plateaus happen too, so if you’ve been losing steadily, are continuing healthy behaviors, and  the scale hasn’t moved for a couple weeks, consider changing up your exercise routine or further cleaning up your diet for a while to get things moving again! I liked to track my weekly weights on a simple piece of paper with a self-drawn dot and line graph. This was a nice visual that I was losing overall, even when the scale crept up or stayed the same for a bit. It also helps to see how far you have come, as motivation to keep going, and to be positive with and praise yourself for how great you’ve done!

Check out this article from Men’s Health for more on the benefits of weighing in…



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