Be with stressful moments.

Often people come to therapy wanting to get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. One of the first conversations we must have is that we all have some level of those feelings at certain times, some stronger than others. Some people will always be more prone to a higher level of anxiety or depression depending on life circumstances or thought processes. Wellness is more about understanding who you are, how you are likely to react to certain stressors or situations, and to learn yourself and learn to better manage those emotions. With this mindset, you can work to calm those emotions or even stop them from getting so out of control. Learning to pay attention to physical and psychological feelings can be a barometer to knowing when something in your life needs to change.

I like this article from Mindful magazine because it talks about being with stressful moments, learning about ourselves, and reframing the way we react to that stress…

Better understanding of yourself, your reactions, and the outcomes associated will allow you to keep calmer in stressful situations and react more mindfully without getting completely off track of your goals! 


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