Signs it may be time to end the relationship.

Yesterday I encouraged you to evaluate your relationships. Today here are some signs the relationship may need to end…

    • You have lost trust in the person.
    • You realize you have different values.
    • You no longer make plans with him or her in mind, or you avoid making plans with this person.
    • You no longer have fun when with this person.
    • You fantasize about a romantic relationship with someone else, or a friendship with someone else.
    • You gravitate more toward healthier friendships you already have.
    • You do not see this person in your future.
    • You do not get excited about the idea of seeing this person.
    • You do not feel you really know who this person is anymore.
    • This person’s negativity is continually bringing down your mood.
    • This person does not support your choices, puts you down, etc.
    • This person continually pressures you to go against your goals/desires.
  • You have tried to communicate about all of these things and yet nothing has changed.


Ending relationships is not easy, but when your own wellbeing is suffering, it may be a must.


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