The joy of missing out.

I like the title of this article, because I see often anxieties being raised by a fear of missing out (what people are terming FOMO) in many areas. There is something so spectacular about choosing to miss out on certain things in life!

This article focuses specifically on technology, which is a huge source of anxiety, distress, and lowered wellbeing in our society. We recently sent our children on a 5 day trip with their cousins and grandparents without cell phones or any electronics! Of course the groans when they found this out were tremendous, but we often talk about technology health, and we posed it as a great time to pay attention to how good it feels to let go of it for a while. So much of the way electronics and apps are set up create dependency in us. The sheer availability and ease of getting in contact with someone immediately, or the dreadful Snapchat streaks!! Don’t get me started on this!

And guess what?? The kids all admitted it was “kind of nice.” 🙂 I hear the same thing from patients all of the time (when I can get them to take a break, short or longer term)… both children and adults.

Read this nice article from Mindful magazine about being more mindful of your technology use and the benefits some breaks can have!

Taking a break from technology may allow you to see how much mindless time you are spending, where energy could be devoted to focusing on your goals!


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