Job burnout.

Job burnout is a large cause of people feeling overwhelmed, and adding to the feeling reaching any personal goals is impossible. I often work with individuals on managing job stress. It is basically a critical need to learn to manage work and set healthy boundaries with employment. Unfortunately, many people cannot see the crisis it is until they are in a position of actually experiencing personal crisis.

I hear multiple excuses, and often people are correct in that their employer may not be understanding of their employee personal wellbeing. Yet, upon more discussion, I also often find people take on more than is actually expected, and allow things to get more out of control than is being demanded. When we begin a job and want to impress and move up, it feels good to take on extra tasks, but eventually we have way too much on our plates and have a hard time finding ways to set limits on things we previously were happy to take on. 

I am guilty of this! I am a psychologist and work with people every day to better manage time and set limits. Yet, in my quest to help people and see them when in need, I all too often take on too much, give up lunch hours, and feel exhausted and overwhelmed by days end. This absolutely impacts both my physical and emotional wellbeing, and therefore I am always seeking this balance. It often feels out of control, and I can blame my employer for not enforcing my limits, but in actuality I know it is my job to strongly enforce those limits for myself and find a way to make it happen! 

I like this article from British GQ because it speaks to the burnout crisis, as well as ways to consider making the workplace healthier. Some of these tips depend on the employer making change, but don’t be afraid as an employee to ask for such change. Assert your needs, identify what can help, and if you still feel unheard or unsupported maybe it is time to make a change. You’d likely be surprised by how much better you feel forcing a lunch break and actually stopping or even leaving work to make that happen. A short walk, climb some stairs, or stare at a wall… just take a break! And actually eat, also an amazing tool to feel better and think more clearly! 

This article also importantly provides tips for thought challenging related to work stress. I cannot say enough how important it is for us to spend time thinking each day, throughout the day, in order to fully understand our needs, when and why we aren’t feeling our best, in order to identify where changes must be made. During this process, think of where your responsibility lies, what you can do, and what you can ask for if needed… don’t just play the blame game!

Finding a worklife balance is essential to achieving personal wellbeing. Creating a lifestyle change toward health and weight loss includes managing work stress just as much as it includes healthy diet and exercise. If work is burning you out and you cannot find a way to set limits, it is just that much more likely you won’t reach your goals. Make this a priority, because your health and wellbeing are an absolute priority!


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