Whole 30 summer.

I have not fully done the Whole 30 yet, but I intend to sometime this fall. I always feel better when I limit gluten and dairy, better mood, better skin, and more energy! People around me even seem to notice! Recently I’ve struggle more with my blood pressure, something I’ve had difficulty controlling since my pregnancies. With some increased problems due to this I’m trying to get cleaner than ever with my diet in hopes to help my medication work better!

Whatever the reason… I like the idea of Whole 30 in terms of cleaning up the diet and slowly adding things in to see how you feel. What we put in our bodies absolutely impacts our mood and energy levels, the way we feel physically, and our overall wellbeing!

Check out these excellent recipes for a Whole 30 summer from POPSUGAR! I’ve tried many and they are delicious!



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