Prepare for the holiday weekend.

Holidays and vacation are such an easy time to get off track. Often gatherings are filled with unhealthy foods, alcohol, and you may be less active or not have time for a full workout when away or with friends and family.

Some tips to stay on track during the long holiday weekend…

  • Pre-plan as much as you can. This may be planning some healthy meals and snacks for which you will grocery shop and prepare. Even if mainly eating out, plan to have healthy snacks on hand that will be easy for travel.
    • See some travel meals ideas and tips here.
  • If you will be going out to eat, plan mentally ahead of time for what you will order. A good rule of thumb is protein, veggie, and one carb choice (so if you eat the fries, no bun! And vice versa). Think baked, broiled, boiled, grilled. Watch the amount of toppings on salads, but these are good options. Appetizers versus full meals. Split meals with someone else, or box half immediately.
      • Just being mentally prepared will make it more likely you will choose healthier when multiple unhealthy options are presented. You can also think of eating small or a side and eating again in a few hours when you have healthier options.


  • Think of food as fuel and to tide you over to your next healthy meal! There is no need to gorge, all of this food is available to you all of the time, and on your next vacation! Tell yourself you CAN have it, but you are choosing not to, because you know you CAN have it any time you want in the future!
  • Bring some light weights or exercise bands, or plan for some non-weight exercise options. Simply move more! Even if your eating is not as healthy as you would like, the more you move the better you will feel and the better you stay on track for when you get home and actually back on track!
  • If you are using alcohol, try to find some low calorie options. A flavored vodka, soda or tonic water, and some fresh fruit is a great place to start!

Be kind to yourself! We have to have fun in life too, and not everything needs to be serious and 100% on track. Think of being as healthy as possible, don’t stress, enjoy your time, and know you will get back on track when you return. Just remember, getting back into your wellness routine after a long weekend will be just that much easier with any small healthy choice you make while away!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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