Back on track.

It can be so difficult to get back on track after illness… or vacation, injury, a change in schedule, etc. I have been battling illness the past several days, which has completely zapped my energy and made even work very difficult… and I have been neglecting this blog :/

This week I am slowly trying to get back into a healthy rhythm, but my energy is extremely low and those morning workouts have not been happening yet. Hoping for tomorrow! I did pack a healthy lunch and have been making a point to move and walk more. It is so easy to tell yourself you do not have the energy to do things, but this only creates a cycle of having even less energy because you are less active. Watch out for this!

Here are some tips from for getting back on track after illness. One thing I told myself this morning is no more excuses! I am accepting that my energy is low, getting back on track, and knowing that is the actual way toward healing and health!

This article also discusses relationship health with illness, which can be easy to neglect when we don’t feel good and are likely moodier and needier…


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