Move more.

Even if you cannot find the energy or motivation for a true “workout session,” getting more movement in your day may have even more beneficial effects. Even those who exercise 30 minutes most days but sit the remainder, have less health benefit.

Find simple ways to move more…

I always park far away in the lot. Take the stairs whenever I can. Take walks outside, even just around a parking lot when I have to wait for a child, appointment, or meeting. Walk the stairs when I am between doctor appointments or while my children are having procedures. Walk outside if I have a patient cancel or no-show. Walk inside around my office space or get in a mini circuit. Get on my office under-desk elliptical, even if just for 5-10 minutes periodically throughout the day. Walk to the store. Walk to the park with the kids. Walk more around the house… keep busy with cleaning, organizing, laundry, picking up, cooking, etc. Standing in my office between patients, maybe adding in some squats, lunges, or wall pushups. Etc. Etc.

When you think of things like waiting, chores, cleaning, yard work, errands, etc., as things that will provide you with more movement; those things become less daunting, less negative, and more positive in your mind. You may begin looking forward to such things as a quick break to get in more movement, versus an annoying task getting in your way.

Consider buying a simple pedometer, or use a free app on your phone, to count your steps each day. Pay attention to how many more steps you get in a day just by doing the simple things listed above and in the article below. Watching the steps increase with each activity will be reinforcementĀ to continue those activities and add in more activities each day!

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