I am a lover of podcasts, and strongly recommend considering podcasts particularly if you do not love to read. I also love to read, but sometimes my mind just wants a break… and listening works much better on those days! Podcasts are an avenue to relax, enjoy, learn, and it do not require staring at a computer screen! A healthy way to spend time, gain knowledge, and to learn just about anything. If you have never looked at the podcast app on your phone, do so right now! They are free, and can also be found through iTunes, online, or a variety of avenues. I am not entirely tech-savvy, but I know there are many options! Conduct a google search for the best podcasts, search for a podcast in a particular interest area, find comedy, etc… see what interests you!

I cannot believe I only just discovered The Minimalists podcast on my last trip to the hospital. Those long car rides, and long days waiting in the hospital/clinic are the perfect place to listen. I pop in my earbuds and the time goes much quicker! I am also a lover of learning, so it is perfect.

I am very excited about The Minimalists. I recommend you check out the podcast and their website for much information on minimalism. The idea of minimalism, even in baby steps, fits very well with weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. More on this to come in future posts, and I am sure I will be sharing some of their information and ideas here!


Of course, this is just one idea of hundreds. Try any podcast and see what you think!


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