A series of unfortunate events.

I began my week with a series of unfortunate events, providing evidence of how a day of stress, ill-preparedness, and unhealthy behavior tumble into feeling bad and a complete impact on mood and body wellness. My week is a good reminder for all of us to pay attention to ourselves, daily and over time, and how the choices we make in reaction to daily stressors have a large impact – positive or negative – on how we will feel as we deal with the stress and as we get through it.

Finally back from the hospital (where I had been so prepared, on top of my expected stress, and healthy!), but with a recovering young man… I was back to work Monday, but my son ended up with an infection. Doctor calls between patients. I hadn’t had time to prep food, so despite grabbing healthy snacks, I was starving all day. Stress and not enough food = bad. Of course I missed my workout. By end of day my stress took hold and I was eating anything and everything, sugar looked so good! Cut to Monday sleep, hard time falling asleep and up at 3 AM. Could not fall back to sleep – sugar and stress keeping me awake. Out of bed at 445… might as well workout. That’s good, but cranky day, exhausted. So many patients, too much sitting with my injury… pain is not helping anything. More cranky mood, more sugar. Repeat, repeat, repeat. How quickly I went from healthy to unhealthy as I let my stress control me!

Each day I was more aware and making better decisions, but each day stress took hold in some way or another. Even when we can see it happening sometimes we feel powerless to stop it. By yesterday I was so overtired and exhausted and cranky. Today I am forced home still with a sick boy and no childcare, more patients cancelled, more stress with this; but also no choice, must adapt. Today will be a day of better choices… I hope!

Each day this week I could see the exact cause of all my negative feeling, thinking, decision making, and sleeping. All impacting each other, building. Despite this level of awareness, it is not always easy to pull out! Every day I let this go on it will be harder and harder to take care of my children, patients, relationship, self. Each negative decision has such a consequence on how we feel throughout each day, how we interact with others, and total wellness.

I frequently hear excuses for why lifestyle isn’t creating the way people feel, but it is! Think of your life day-to-day or week to week. Begin to pay attention to your choices and behavior and how this may impact mood, thoughts, relationships, patience, and sleep! Each moment of every day provides an opportunity to make the healthier decision that will make you feel better in the long run. Pay attention to these moments and how good you feel making the healthy choice versus the negative choice that may spiral you further out-of-control and into personal misery!

The more you learn yourself, the easier it will be to get back on track sooner, present to life prepared, and attempt to stay ahead of stress the best you can! No one is perfect, and it is not worth getting down on yourself… just keep learning, adapting, growing, and keep on keeping on!


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