Intermittent fasting.

I have frequently read about intermittent fasting for weight loss. I personally worry I would have a tendency to binge on the non-fasting days! Though, according to this article, research suggests that is not always the case. I am a huge believer in calories in versus calories out for the week versus worrying every day about being completely on track. I believe with this mentality we can be kinder to ourselves when we have a bad day, and simply try to be on track and mindful of what we eat the majority of the week. I strive for intermittent getting off track and having treats every day, which actually keeps me on track and helps me avoid binges!

I think this idea is worth a try for those not prone to disordered eating and who have considered adding in some lower calorie/fasting days. Remember, the non-fasting days are still normal eating days! This plan would never work if you only splurge the rest of the week!

Whenever you try out a new plan monitor your progress, be mindful of how you feel physically and emotionally, and consider whether it can be withstood for the long-term. The idea is to find a lifestyle that is right for you, not a crash diet! 

Check it out from VeryWell!


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