Travel nutrition.

Healthy eating during travel takes a bit more thought and effort, since fast food isn’t always the healthiest. In reality, though, it takes self-control! The stress of travel can make those healthy choices even more difficult, since eating for ease and comfort can be go-to for coping with stress. In my obese days I automatically stopped for unhealthy snacks and candy before a long distance drive, travel was an excuse to indulge!

This week I am again traveling for my child’s medical appointments. At the end of 2016 I gained 10 pounds with hospital stays and hotel stays. I had thought I had overcome those bad habits, but stress took hold and there was no stopping my bad habits! In 2017 I have been more successful, lost that 10 pounds, and am keeping it off despite continued travel and medical stress!

My strategies for nutrition on the road…

  • Healthy options are everywhere, it truly takes self-control to choose a salad at a fast food restaurant versus the burger and fries. I know the majority of fast food places I prefer to eat at and what to order. And prefer to look for things like Qdoba or Chipotle for rice bowls.
  • Order take out from an actual restaurant. I often order 30 minutes before I hit the upcoming town around meal time, then stop quick and it’s ready to go. Restaurants have more healthy options than fast food. Choose healthier foods, think broiled, baked, veggies, protein, healthy fats, one choice of carb, at restaurants on the way, while in town, or even at the hospital (if that’s the case for you!)
  • Don’t forget about convenience stores. Yogurts, fruits, meal bars, trail mix, jerky, smoothies, salads… numerous healthy options. Think clean, or as close to clean as possible!
  • Pack a cooler! This week I spent the night before I left grilling chicken and veggies, making guacamole, making trail mix, cutting up fruits, and hard boiling eggs. Everything is portioned to serving size and packed in my cooler! I also brought string cheese, apples, bananas, crackers, pretzels, yogurt, and deli meat.

I have no excuses not to eat healthy! And I can still enjoy a sweet treat or indulgence as I wish!

Spend some time planning and preparing before your next trip, or at least make a conscious effort to make healthy choices along the way!

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